Questions to Ask Your Grandparents this Holiday Season

Questions to Ask Your Grandparents this Holiday Season

We all have different relationships with our grandparents, at least those who are fortunate enough to still have them around. If this holiday season affords you you the opportunity to visit with them, you may be able to strengthen your relationship while learning something along the way. It starts with asking some interesting questions of them. Make sure your questions will illicit some thoughtful, pleasant and positive answers that may bring some smiles to their faces. Here are a few to consider.

How did your grandparents meet?

Almost everyone reflects back fondly on how they met the loves of their lives. You may also find it interesting how the stories differ if you have the chance to talk to both grandparents.

What was the most fun they ever had?

This may range from something they reflect back on from childhood or even something they recently experienced. You both will enjoy the smiles as they mentally go through the files of pleasant memories from the past.

What is it they would still like to see or do?

You don’t want this to be a reflection of regrets but a focus on possibilities. Perhaps there is something you and/or the rest of your family can help them accomplish or experience.

What live concerts have they been to?

Of course this will vary greatly depending on their age. What performer was their favorite? Who did they go with and how did they get tickets? Do they still listen to the music? Who would they have liked to have seen in person?

Did they ever win anything?

They may have been on a TV game show or won a prize in the lottery. Then again they just may answer no. If they did win something, it is likely it was a pleasant experience they will enjoy recalling and telling you about.

Do they have any hidden talents or skills few people know about?

Ask about sports, musical instruments and art. They may even have a good impersonation of a famous person.

What advice would they give their “younger-selves”?

Here’s where you can pick up some wisdom without feeling like they are trying to direct your life. They may offer solid advice based on personal experience.

What is their favorite movie of all time?

Why is it their favorite film? When was the last time they watched it? Could you make a “date” with them to watch it together with some homemade popcorn?

If you never quite know what to say to your grandparents, ask for a few minutes with them and pose some questions to them. Keep it fun and light and be sure to share some of your own similar experiences. It just may be the greatest gift they get this holiday season.

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