Five Mysteries of Your Home: Resolved!

Five Mysteries of Your Home: Resolved!

Does your home hold some secrets? Here are five mysteries that some homeowners may not be aware of.

Why is There an Odd-Shaped Hole in the Back of Your Medicine Cabinet?

If you have an older home with a built-in medicine cabinet, there’s a good chance that cabinet has a hole in the back that resembles the cut-out in the center of a double-edge razor blade. That is because disposing of used razor blades was a physical and health hazard, especially when they were used in abundance by both men and women. The little slot allowed homeowners to deposit the worn out blades safely by sliding them in the hole. The issue? Those blades are now residing in the bathroom walls of homes across America to this day.

What is the Real Purpose of a Sink Trap?

If you’ve ever had a clog in your sink, odds are it occurred in the “P” pipe or sink trap under your sink. This can lead you to believe that is the purpose of the trap, to prevent unwanted items from going down the drain. The purpose is much more important. The P pipe or sink trap actually collects and stores a small amount of water in it that serves to seal out sewer gasses. That is why if you have a sink in the garage or a guest bath that may not see use for weeks at a time, you should still run some water through it to replenish evaporated water.

Why is there a Hole in Some Doorknobs?

Many indoor doorknobs will have a locking mechanism to provide privacy inside a bedroom or bathroom. If you look, you’ll likely see a small hole in the center of the doorknob on the non-locking side. This provides a way to unlock the door should a child get locked in accidentally or there should be some other emergency. A straight wire, ice pick or other thin straight object inserted into the hole should unlock the door.

Why Does a Water Heater Have a Faucet/Drain Valve at the Bottom?

If you take a look at your home’s water heater it will have some form of faucet or drain valve near the bottom. There are several reasons for this valve, including draining the heater tank for either removal or maintenance. What many homeowners don’t know, however, is that the tank should be drained as a regular part of household maintenance to remove built up sediment and debris in the tank bottom that could affect its performance. Attaching a hose to the valve and draining it regularly will keep the tank free from buildup in the bottom of the tank.

Why is a Ceiling Fan Reversible?

Ceiling fans have a small switch, usually located on the motor casing that allows the motion of the blades to reverse. Why? To allow both warm and cool air to be circulated depending on the season. Not only can ceiling fans cool a room, but they can circulate warm air that rises in a room.

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