Am I On the Right Path with Travel Insurance?

Am I On the Right Path with Travel Insurance?

Have you ever had to cancel travel plans, change vacation dates or postpone a trip because of a family emergency? Have you ever lost your luggage, got sick while traveling or had a cruise altered because a hurricane damaged an original destination? These are all reasons some people would not consider planning a trip, especially an extensive or expensive one, without travel insurance.

Is travel insurance really necessary or is it just another expense piled upon hotel rooms, flights, and sightseeing trips? Are you on the right track with travel insurance? Here are some examples of when you may be grateful you purchased travel insurance.

You Lost Your Luggage

With lost or stolen luggage coverage, not only are your clothes and contents covered if your luggage is lost or stolen while traveling, but you will also likely have coverage on the luggage itself. This type of coverage is critical when traveling for a special occasion like a wedding or a business presentation where nicer, more expensive clothes may be making the trip with you.

You Had to Cancel Your Trip

You may find yourself in a position to cancel a trip for a variety of reasons. Maybe there was an illness, a death in the family or an emergency at home or work. With trip cancellation coverage, you will be reimbursed for covered expenses.

Travel Health Insurance

If you are traveling out of the country and get injured or sick, you will quickly realize you are no longer at home Dorothy. This is why travel medical insurance should be a part of your travel plans.

A Flight is Canceled or a Connection Missed

Missed connection and trip interruption service can help cover the added expenses involved in booking a new flight or cover your stay in a nice hotel while you wait for the next available flight. A missed connection may cause a chain reaction of additional expenses that may be covered by travel insurance.

Your Travel Agency Files Bankruptcy

Unfortunately, we’ve just recently been witness to thousands of travelers getting stranded around the world when their iconic travel agency went bankrupt. This can and does happen. Travel insurance can cover your losses and make sure you get back home without additional out-of-pocket expenses.

While it’s true, you may not need travel insurance for a weekend trip to see Grandma, you should consider it when you’ve been planning an important excursion. We can help. Let’s talk about where you’re going and what coverage may be best for you and your family so you can stay on the right path.

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