Staying Healthier: A Home Gym in the Space of a Closet

Staying Healthier: A Home Gym in the Space of a Closet

If your excuse for not exercising is you live in an apartment or have a small living space, sorry, but that is just not good enough. You don’t need a large treadmill or exercise cycle to get and stay fit. In fact, there are steps you can take to build a home gym that can fit in the space of a closet! Here’s what you can do.

Build a collection of smaller free-weights. You don’t need an extensive set of barbells and free weights to get in shape and build muscle. Repetitive exercises with smaller free weights can work well. Hand-held weights can be purchased from one to ten pounds or more and are excellent for tightening arms and chest muscles. Even bleach or other bottles can be filled with water for the budget minded.

Buy a Jump Rope. A jump rope takes up no space and can be a powerful tool for a healthier you, especially when it comes to aerobics. The key is a quality, weighted rope that will be easy to use. Of course, if you live on a second floor, you may want to exercise outside.

Look into Stretchable Devices. There are a myriad of stretchable tools that can be used to tone up arms and legs. These devices can either be used as freestanding devices or attached to doors or doorknobs to create a valuable fitness experience.

Velcro Weights. Space efficient velcro-style weights that can be wrapped around wrists and ankles can add a layer of difficulty to walking and running. Weights can be increased as strength builds.

Exercise Ball. Exercise balls are terrific for stretching and keeping the body limber and in shape. These are large air-filled balls capable of holding the body’s weight and can as fun to use as they are effective.

Exercise mats. Exercise mats will help you facilitate more comfortable leg lifts, push-ups and sit-ups. Many times, just bringing out an exercise mat can serve as the impetus to encourage you.

Staying in shape helps your physical appearance, health, attitude and energy level. Lack of space should not be an excuse. Buy efficient tools that can fit into a closet and make sure to use them to be a better you!

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