The Business of Selling: Getting to “No”

The Business of Selling: Getting to “No”

Perhaps no profession has been analyzed, written about, and discussed more than sales. Perhaps because sales impact so many people. From cars to real estate and time-shares to extended warranties, sales keep the economy moving.

Sales tactics evolve as we evolve. Once upon a time, there were plenty of door-to-door salespeople, marketing everything from brushes to vacuum cleaners. Today, that technique has largely vanished. While once, it was important to explain every detail about a product or service, the internet has made it possible for consumers to compare and research before making a buying decision.

Those in sales are often trained to overcome objections and get to the “yes” after a presentation. But there’s an alternative to getting to a “yes”.

The reality is that very few prospects actually say “yes”. Oh, they may say “Let’s do it”, “Alright”, “OK,” and a variety of other affirmative statements, but it is surprisingly rare how often the actual word “Yes” is said. Yet, salespeople fight for that response daily.

The good news? People have an equally difficult time of saying “no”. They may respond with “not now”, “I don’t think so”, or the dreaded “Let me think about it”, but they rarely say the word “no”.

There are several ways this can help you become more productive in sales.

The first is persistence. Rather than getting frustrated with a client not saying yes, fight for the no.

You could even ask a client why he isn’t saying no. His response will likely be a reason to buy.

Finally, once we get an affirmative answer, we are so happy that we often don’t ask for more. “Can I also help you with a car for your teenager”, “How about we review your life insurance?”, or “Is there anyone else you know that may benefit from what I offer?”

Rather than getting frustrated with not getting a “yes”, perhaps you should change your point of view. Go for the no.

Why don’t you have sufficient business insurance or any business insurance at all? Contact us for a free quote. We welcome your yes or your no. Just please don’t tell us you’ll think about it.

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