Rejuvenating The Digital Presence of Your Small Business

Rejuvenating The Digital Presence of Your Small Business

Does your small business have a website? Are you proud of it? Perhaps more importantly, is it doing you any good? Maybe years ago you had your brother-in-law create one, or may have even attempted it on your own. Far too many small businesses have dated, old, static websites that perhaps, do them more harm than good. How do you feel about your small business’s website?

The reality is, that website is just as important as ever, and maybe even more so. Consumers are still looking for what they want online although how they accomplish this may have changed. Here are some tips for rejuvenating your online presence.

If It Looks Old, It Probably Is

Like furniture, car and clothing styles, websites can look old and outdated. If your site hasn’t been updated in months or years, it is time for a change. Search for a more modern, contemporary design that looks and feels fresh. There are more easy-to-use templates than ever that may be an improvement.

Is Your Site Mobile Capable?

How does your website look on a mobile device? Most searches are being conducted on small screen smartphones and old designs do not work well on these devices. Update your site, so it looks just as great on a phone screen as it does on a desk top.

Keep the Basics Upfront and Visible

Make sure the main page tells who are, what you do, who you serve, where you are located and how to contact you. Potential customers have little patience when surfing for a potential vendor, so let them know quickly you can help them. Don’t leave them guessing, or they may just move on.

Connect with Them

Give them a visible opportunity to connect with you through a “contact us” button, blog or free offer. Even a simple “Have a Question?” button can serve as an invitation to build a connection that could turn into a sale. Make sure you have a call to action.

Keep in mind consumers are more than willing to do some research on their own before making contact with you. Let them know you are a capable, experienced and knowledgeable option to help them get what they want. Then it is a matter of funneling all your other digital marketing efforts like emails and social media, to your new vibrant website.

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