Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!


Who else loves the gradual transition into Spring? Ever so slightly, the days get longer. It’s a wonderful feeling when you leave work, and the sun is still in the sky! The weather slowly gets warmer. The weather becomes a spontaneous roller coaster as the temperatures finally start to get into the 60s again. On the warm days, when the sun kisses our cheeks, we feel our hearts beat with excitement for the warmer weather to return.

When you think of Spring, what comes to mind?

Here are some things to appreciate this season.

  • Spring symbolizes renewal and rebirth. Apply this theme to your life and refresh yourself, in whatever way is best for you. For example,take yourself on a nice spa day. Get that hairstyle you’ve been wanting. Get a new outfit. Whatever makes you feel like a new person, do that!
  • As snow turns to rain, the flowers start to bloom. Go for a hike and spot the wildflowers. Buy yourself a bouquet to place in your home, reminding you of beauty. Don’t ever forget to stop and smell the blossoms!
  • The perfect weather for fishing and camping is making its return. Soon, you’ll be by the lake with your friends and family!
  • The return of the sunshine can help replenish our endorphins. During the winter, some of us fall into a seasonal depression. Seasonal depression can be caused by a lack of Vitamin D, which is provided by sunshine. Soak up the sun!
  • The birds have returned. Listen to the birds sing us a melody!
  • Easter is right around the corner. Holidays can bring families together!
  • We can start doing outdoor activities with our children. Get the kids out of the house and off their electronics, and get their endorphins flowing as well!
  • We’re one season closer to summer!!
  • For some of us, listening to thunderstorms helps us relax. There’s something lovely about the sound of the rain and thunder, and the smell of the air following the storm.
  • Spring cleaning. Out with the old, in with the new!

What’s your favorite part about Spring?

By: KayLynn P.

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