The Dramatically Changing Workplace

The Dramatically Changing Workplace

It really isn’t anything new. The workplace has been evolving for generations. A significant change occurred when women entered the workforce in large numbers during World War II. Many of the changes have been related to equal rights, gender equality and respect, equal pay and technology. Large companies at one point had their own switchboard operators and mainframes. We’ve seen fax machines come and largely go and computers are playing a larger role than ever. The pandemic accelerated some major additional changes in the workplace. Here are a few.

Working From Home

While some worked from home prior to Covid, the pandemic accelerated the process. Some businesses have actually seen an increase in productivity and worker moral after implementing work from home policies.


Video conferencing and “Zoom” meetings have accelerated dramatically. Again, this is largely improving efficiency and use of time.

Fewer In-Person Conferences and Travel

The increase in Zoom meetings and social distancing has minimized how many conventions and conferences are taking place. While devastating to the travel and convention industry, it is saving many other companies significantly. It also has given birth to a new “virtual” convention industry.

Lack of Workforce Issues

Many companies have experienced challenges in hiring new employees. This is impacting everyone from restaurants to hotels and hospitality, to CDL truck drivers and retails stores. This, in turn, has led to increased recruiting activities for many companies, use of financial incentives, and significantly increased pay rates.

How We Conduct Transactions

From plexiglass barriers between customers and clerks to virtual property showings and online ordering, many businesses have fundamentally changed forever. Many consumers have changed purchasing habits to include having meals and even groceries home delivered for safety and convenience.

We are sure to look back on this period as not only one of challenges, but of a time that produced great change. Some of these changes will likely serve us well. If history has taught us anything, there are still changes to come.

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