Is “Bundling” Your Homeowners’ Insurance a Good Idea?

Is “Bundling” Your Homeowners’ Insurance a Good Idea?

Let’s be clear here. There is a difference between the questions “Is bundling your homeowners’ insurance a good idea?” and “Can bundling homeowners’ insurance save me money?” For most, the answer to the latter is yes. Bundling insurance can save you money, in some cases, as much as 25% on your homeowners’ insurance premiums. Is it a good idea? Well, not if the insurance company offers substandard products or services or if bundling creates insurance amnesia, where you simply forget about it.

Bundling is when a consumer purchases two or more policies from the same company. Insurance companies like it because it allows them to expand their customer base. Consumers like it because it can generally save them money and is convenient.

Bundling is also another reason to choose an independent insurance agency. Here’s why.

All Bundles Are Not Created Equal

Some insurance companies tend to offer lower rates on auto insurance, while others may be more affordable on homeowners’ insurance policies. When you work with an independent insurance agent, they have the ability to “shop” these various companies, helping to determine who offers the best rates for each, and if “bundling” with one company makes sense. In other words, they do the work. In some cases, bundling may make sense. In other words, bundling may not be the best way to be cost effective while securing maximum coverage.

So What’s Your Next Step?

If you truly want to determine if bundling your insurance is best for you, gather your insurance policies and contact one of our independent insurance professionals. Let them know about the various policies you have and what you are currently paying. Allow them to go to work and put together a comprehensive insurance plan. It may involve bundling and it may not. In some cases, our customers get better coverage while also saving money, and that is probably your real goal anyway.

Put our independent agents to work for you. You can decide whether bundling is your best option or not. Contact us today for a no-obligation insurance review and quote on multiple policies.

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