5 Reasons to Buy Insurance from an Independent Agent

What’s your first step when you start shopping for insurance? Hint: there is a wrong answer. When purchasing insurance, you should not go straight to an online insurance company for a quote. The very best way to buy insurance is through an independent insurance agent.

What exactly is an independent insurance agent?

There are two kinds of agents: a captive agent, and an independent agent. A captive agent works for one insurance company, therefore, the options are limited to that company. Whereas, if you shop through an independent insurance agent, he/she has access to many more options. Independent insurance agents work with multiple insurance companies. With so many options, you are able to find the cheapest insurance policy that is best for your unique needs.

Why should you pick an independent agent?

1. They care. Their job is to personalize a policy that is specifically fit for you. They ask you questions about your personal assets that you need insured. That way, they can build you a policy that ensures you are adequately covered. When you purchase from an online company, your lack of information could cause you to pick a policy that doesn’t provide enough coverage for you.

2. They are well-trained professionals. Do you know what an insurance agent must do to become licensed? Weeks of studying. Hours upon hours spent with thick books full of information they must memorize to pass a lengthy test. It can be difficult for some to pass the test on the first try, that’s how intense the test is. In the end, the test makes sure your agent is a professional. With this knowledge, they can inform you on every aspect of your policy. They can explain exactly why you do or do not need specific coverages. Any questions you have will be answered.

3. You can find an agent very close to your home. Having your agent right around the corner can be helpful when you need to sign a contract, or update your policy, or need to have a face-to-face conversation regarding your insurance.

4. They are able to quote your policy with multiple companies. If your agent gets a quote for you that doesn’t fit your budget, you can be assured that there will be more options for you.

5. One stop shopping. Because your agent has access to multiple insurance companies, your insurance shopping becomes much more convenient. Most independent agents can have access to up to 30+ insurance companies to quote your policy with.

When shopping with an independent insurance agent, you can rest assured that you will have sufficient coverage at a great price, too.

By: KayLynn P.

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